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Republic's Clip Shelving offers complete storage solutions for everything from basic
back-room storage to integrated warehouse applications.  They are available in
Closed or Open
which allow light to penetrate a storage area and allow for free air flow around stored
materials.   Units are comprised of heavy-gauge steel clips, angle or beaded posts,  shelves and

Clips engage square holes on the uprights, forming a sturdy compression-fit support for the shelf.

Series 2000 shelves are available in three capacity ranges and the widest range of shelf sizes in the
industry.  Manufactured with box beam construction, they are exceptionally strong for storage of
heavy parts.   Standard depths to 36" and standard widths to 60" allow shelf size to be matched to
the materials being stored.   These shelves are punched for attaching dividers on 1" centers and
shelf faces are punched to accept  label holders.

Original open-flange design shelves may be used with or without reinforcing.   They are punched
for attaching vertical dividers on 2" centers and label holders can be attached to shelf faces.

Accessories include
front and end bases to close the area between the bottom shelf & the floor.   
Bin fronts keep small parts and packages contained.   Full height dividers create bins within a
shelving unit.   
Angle and sliding dividers can subdivide the shelf surface.   Drawer insert units
or modular drawer systems
can also be added.

Units are available from stock in
#50 Gray and Production in #83 Decorator Tan.

Open & closed units ship K.D. (knocked down) and require assembly.
Wedge-Lock Shelving
Republic's Wedge-Lock Shelving Systems provide
economical and versatile storage solutions for retail stockrooms, auto
parts centers and archive store rooms.   Primary framing members
snap together for easy assembly without bolts, rivets or other
fasteners.   Shelves are accessible from all four sides because no
cross bracing is required.   Posts and beams are roll-formed from 14
gauge steel.   They are finished with a heavy coat of baked enamel.

Standard units provide sturdy, basic storage at an affordable price for
commercial or industrial applications.

Bul storage units offer larger shelf areas than standard units, making
them ideal for storing large or odd-sized items.   The wide range of
shelf sizes and capacities, combined with the option of adding extra
shelves, permits design of a bulk shelving system ideal for your
specific needs.

High capacity bulk shelving units can carry up to two-and-a-half times
the shelf load of regular bulk units.   Extra shelves can be added for
more storage area.

Archive units provide high-density storage of 12" x 15" x 10"
document boxes.    With no cross-bracing required, these units offer
double-face entry for easy storage and retrieval.
For detailed information on any products listed,

Bob Edgley  (281) 999-0053
Bob Edgley  (281) 999-0053