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Rockville  Partitions  Inc.
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Rockville  Partition  has  been  manufacturing  partitions  for  50  years.  
Indoff  is  a  proud  distributor  of  their  quality  products.  They  utilize  quality  
craftsmanship,  the  latest  manufacturing  methods  &  modern  equipment  to  
insure  a  precise  fit  &  ease  of  installation.
Partition  Styles  Available
30 Series - (FM) Floor Mounted - floor mounted
partitions are perfect where no overhead bracing is required, but
ceiling hung partitions are impractical.  These partitions offer
modern spaciousness & rigidity.  They are also available in a 54"
"Junior Size" that is ideal for younger children.
40 Series - (OH) Overhead Braced / Floor
- these are the most popular style of toilet partition
Rockville Partition manufactures.  They are recommended for
new and old buildings where economy, easae of installation and
rigid overhead bracing is required.
50 Series - (CH) Ceiling Hung - the ease of
floor maintenance with this style has influenced architects
and building owners to utilize this type of partition
particularly on construction where dropped ceiling or open
span type construction is practical.
60 Series - (FC) Floor to Ceiling - these
recommended for all areas subject to heavy usage.  For
problem areas we recommend the use of continuous
brackets & hinges.
Urinal  Screens
Wall Hung (WHS)
Screen is 1" thick
insulated panel sealed
with locking bar and
mitered corner
reinforcements.  Hung
from (3) chrome plated
"T" brackets.
Wall Hung Flange (WHF)
Screen is 1" thick insulated
panel with continuous
anodized aluminum channel.  
Floor Braced Screen (FBS)
Screen is 1" thick insulated
panel supported by a floor
supported pilaster (FM
Floor Supported with
Headrail (FSH)
Headrail braced 1" thick
double-wall panel (OH
Series.  Panel set into
extra-heavy wall extruded
aluminum pilaster.  
Stainless steel floor shoe.
Available  Finishes
Powder  Coated  Steel
Rockville's  Powder  Coated  Finish  is a superior quality powder coated  Hybrid  Epoxy - Polyester,  applied
electrostatically, and baked to a hard durable finish.   The exclusive use of Galvanized - Bonderized  Steel provides additional
protection while enhancing adhesion.
Standard Colors
Solid  Polymer  (HDPE)
Rockville  Partition's  Solid  Polymer  toilet partition material is ideal for use in public facilities.  Engineered for years
of trouble free service,  the new deeper cobblestone finish  make this material even more resistant to scratches & graffiti.  The
homogeneous color is an added deterrent to vandals.

Rockville's partitions are easily cleaned with ordinary household detergents and solvents.   They are also impervious to most
chemicals and corrosives, will no rust, corrode or dent.  Its maintenance free qualities make it cost effective.

Construction Features:
** Continuous Brackets
** Heavy Duty Aluminum Hardware including 8" Wrap-Around Hinge
** All panels and doors are 55" high
Plastic  Laminate
Rockville  Partition's  High  Pressure  Plastic  Laminate  offers an affordable partition system with an almost unlimited
selection of colors, textures, patterns and woodgrains.

High pressure laminates meet or exceed  NEMA  standards.   Melamine surface is bonded under pressure to a particle board core, and
not recommended for high moisture areas, where a phenolic core should be chosen.   The smooth surface resists grease and stains and is
easily maintained.

Construction Features:                                                        
** Chrome Plated Zamac Hardware                                       
** Wrap around through bolted Hinges                                   
** Concealed Latch                                                                
** Stainless Steel Hardware
** Continuous Hinge
** Continuous Brackets
** Integral or Continuous Hinge
** Stainless Steel Continuous Brackets
** 58" high panels and doors
Standard Colors
Standard Colors
Solid  Phenolic
Rockville Partition's Solid Phenolic  is the perfect choice for that designer with distinctive taste.  Rockville offers a wide
range of solid colors and attractive patterns to complement any decor.  Manufactured under high heat and extreme pressure to fuse
layers of melamine impregnated decorative papers to a varying number of kraft phenolic sheets.   The final product is a one piece unit,
extremely durable with a distinctive black edge.

Phenolic's sturdy properties make it ideal for high traffic areas.   It is resistant to scratches and graffiti, and cleans up easily with
ordinary household detergents.   If a durable product with unlimited design possibilities is what you are looking for, then look no
further.   Rockville's solid phenolic toilet partitions are the perfect choice.

Construction Features:
** Heavy Duty Aluminum Hardware including 8" Wrap-Around Hinge
** Doors & Pilasters 3/4" thick
** Panels are 1/2" thick
** Continuous Hinge
** Continuous Brackets
** 3/4" panels and 1" Pilasters
Standard Colors
Fiberglass Reinforced (FRP)
Rockville Partition's Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic - is an excellent choice when a high traffic restroom solution is sought
under the constraints of a tight budget.

Rockville's FRP sheets are produced using a special high strength polyester resin combined with fiberglass reinforcement to produce
panels offering superior quality and durability.   FRP sheets are bonded under pressure to a wood core that has been treated with
phenolic resins in inhibit the absorption of moisture.

FPR resists stains and mildew meeting todays high sanitation standards.   Cleaning is easily accomplished with detergents and water.

Construction Features:
** Double high Aluminum Brackets
** Heavy Duty Aluminum hardware including 8" Wrap-Around Hinge
** Continuous Hinge
** Continuous Brackets
Standard Colors
Stainless  Steel
Rockville Partitions only uses the finest type 304 stainless steel polished to a #4 finish to achieve the balance of lusterous beauty
and high durability that only stainless steel can offer.   Scratches may be removed and the original finish restored by buffing.   Also
available is deep textured surfaces.

Construction Features:
Sheet metal skins are bonded under pressure to a honeycomb core providing maximum strength, enhanced adhesion, and permanently
flat panels.   Mechanically fused, reinforced corners are used to eliminate welding and grinding which removes the protective zinc

Rockville Partitions Inc. guarantees all work supplied or installed against defects resulting from the use of inferior materials, hardware
or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of final completion, when properly stored, handled and maintained under
normal usage - Stainless Steel, SPC, HDP and FRP are guaranteed for 15 years.
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Rockville  Partitions  Inc.
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