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In less than 20 years, Durable U.S.A. / Superior Casters has become the Largest
Import Caster Manufacturer in North America, and offers the most extensive product
line available from a single source! We offer casters & wheels for almost every
application and industry, with over 200,000 caster combinations and 2,400 wheel
combinations ranging from 70 to 40,000 lb. capacities! Drawing from World wide
Durable USA Superior Casters engineers and manufactures the highest
quality casters, wheels, and parts at competitive prices.
Light Duty Casters
Light Duty Casters are used in a wide variety of applications and industries providing the advantage of
moving Furniture, Electronics, Medical Equipment Carts and Stands, Foodservice and Institutional
Equipment & Carts (for Hotels,Resorts, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, etc), and many other
These range of casters are very popular, and accounts for nearly half of all casters in used
today in Food Service, institutional, medial, laboratory, retail, Residential, Industrial &
Manuafcturing Industries; and are Ideal for use on (but limited to): Food Service & Food
Processing Equipment, Carts, Dollies, Bins, Cases, Racks, Tables, Commercial Applicances,
Retail Equipment, Displays, Business Machines & Equipment, and countless Light to
Medium Duty Material Handling Applications. Most casters in this grouping are NSF Listed.
Light / Medium Duty Casters
Medium Heavy-Duty Casters are the backbone of Material Handling Industry. Nearly every
Warehouse, Freight Terminal, Manufacturing Plant and Industrial Business use these types of casters
somewhere in their operations. They are ideal for Platform Trucks, Material Handling Carts, Vending
Machines, Warehouse and Factory Applications, Heavy-duty Foodservice and Institutional
Equipment, Tool Boxes, Stock Carts, Shelf Trucks, Ground Support Equipment, Bakery Carts,
A-frame Trucks, Assembly Line Dollies, Maintenance Carts, Mobile Storage Racks,
Shipping/Receiving Carts, Warehousing & Freight Terminal Dollies and Carts, Gantries & Hoppers,
Laundry and Linen Carts & Hampers, Portable Work Benches, Drywall Dollies & Carts, and
countless other Medium Duty Applications.
Medium / Heavy Duty Casters
Very high quality heavy duty & extreme duty, line of casters; for various industries and
applications. Ideal for: Tow lines, shockload applications and abusive conditions, production line
dollies & trucks used in various industries including but not limited to: Boat & ship molding and
building, Automotive, Aeromotive, Aerospace, metal fabricating, metal forging, heavy machinery
& equipment, military equipment, mobile homes, etc. Tractor pulled trailers, extreme duty
platform trucks & material handling carts, air cargo & ground support equipment, storage tanks,
gantries & heavy duty processing equipment, coliseum & gymnasium equipment, shipping /
receiving carts, warehousing & freight terminal dollies and carts, and countless other heavy duty
Drop Forge Heavy Duty & Kingpinless Casters
These Casters are ideal for vending machines, electronic and business machines. Display stands and
racks, point of purchase displays, reach-in coolers and freezers. Typical applications requiring a high
load capacity and low height restrictions.
Business Machine Casters
Adjustable height casters offer the ability to level out equipment on uneven floors (i.e. problem
areas, slanted floors, around drains, etc.) or adjust the working height to meet your application
needs. Slotted head set screws can be tightened to secure the leg once the caster has been adjusted
to the desired height.
Adjustable Height Casters
Ideal for applications that require a cushioned ride, including but not limited to carts & trucks carrying:
sensitive materials & parts, glass, ceramics, electronics, chemicals, sound & lighting equipment, movie
production equipment (for example cameras), etc. Also good for use on uneven floors and outdoor
environments. Other applications may include luggage carts, platform trucks, material handling carts,
warehouse and factory applications, job site tool boxes, security cages, stock carts, shelf trucks, mobile
storage racks, etc.
Pneumatic Casters
Stainless Steel casters feature surgical grade 304 Stainless steel that is highly resistant to conditions that
would normally corrode and rust regular zinc plated steel casters. Ideal for wet damp conditions and
harsh environments that may rust or corrode standard zinc casters such as: Food processing plants, Large
Volume High Temperature Bakery & Food Cooking Facilities, Slaughter Houses, Fisheries, Seafood
Processing Plants, Hatcheries, Pharmaceutical Plants, Laboratories. Rugged Duty designed for
wash-down. Food processing & food service equipment, stock & maintenance carts, bakery and bread
racks, ingredient bins, institutional service carts and equipment, etc.
Stainless Steel Casters
Unique casters for specific applications and industries requiring either a firm brake (Total Lock) or
cushioned ride for protection from shock and vibration (Spring Loaded) Ideal for Diagnostic & electrical
equipment, Institutional & laboratory equipment & stands, medical equipment & carts, mobile
worksations, computer main frames & towers, point of purchase displays & shelving, food processing
equipment, packaging equipment, sound and lighting equipment, ground support equipment, assembly line
dollies, mobile storage racks & many other light to heavy duty applications.
Total Lock & Spring Loaded Casters
Wheels Types
Plastic & Resin
Rubber &
Thermal Plastic
Steel & Ductile
Caster Stems
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