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More  than  a  supplier  of  the  most  complete  line  
of  Material  Handling  &  Storage  Products  in  North  
America,  Indoff  is  prepared  to  assist  you  with  all  
aspects  of  your  material  handling  &  storage  
needs.   Indoff's  value  added  sales  professionals  
are  a  uniquely  qualified  resource  who  are  
knowledgeable  in  all  areas  of  project  planning.    
We  can  assist  you  in:

  • Plant  Survey  &  Study
  • Design  Recommendations
  • Preliminary  Budgeting
  • Engineering  for  Local  Government  
  • Permit  Service
  • Installation
  • Leasing  Services  for  Any  Size  Project

Since  1971  our  Material  Handling  Division  
has  been  a  leader  in  developing  and  
furnishing  Material  Handling  Systems  and  
integrating  various  types  of  equipment  in  
many  diverse  industries.   Major  projects  
can  be  successfully  accomplished  through  
our  nationwide  sales,  engineering  and  
installation  capabilities.

Our  products  range  from  the  highest  quality  
industrial  equipment  to  excellent  commercial  
products  for  light  capacity  application.   
Equipment  can  be  drop  shipped,  assembled,  
or  installed  on  your  site.
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Bob Edgley has over 35 years of
experience in providing material
handling equipment in the Houston,
Texas and surrounding marketing
areas. I have provided a diverse
range of installations, including
standard rack and shelving, lockers,
conveyors, and ASRS projects.  I
can provide design and layout
assistance for you new storage
areas providing cad drawings to
assure a more effecient work area.
I am available to meet with clients
on site locations throughout the
Southeast Texas marketing area.
Bob Edgley  (281) 999-0053
For detailed information on any products listed, contact

Bob Edgley  (281) 999-0053